Security Guard jobs in Dubai UAE

Security guard Jobs are being offered in Dubai, UAE by management companies. Do you have a passion for security and are you a committed professional? Apply for the position of Security Guard in Dubai with our exciting team in the field of facility management. For the protection of our property, we are seeking a trustworthy and watchful individual.

Security Guard jobs in Dubai UAE
Security Guard jobs in Dubai UAE

Job Title: Security Guard jobs.
Field: Building Maintenance and Security.
Place of Employment: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Salary: AED 3001-3500.
One to two years of relevant work experience is necessary.
Employment Status: Full-Time.
Open to all genders.
Please feel free to contact at 0521732081, or via email at

  • Deira.
  • Dubai.
    June 27, 2024 is the date of expiry.

If you’re looking to embark on a career in security, it’s essential to understand the various security guard requirements and steps to become a security guard. Start by completing a security guard application and obtaining the necessary security officer certification.

Job Requirements:

  • Keep an eye on the arrival and exit of people, including employees, visitors, and others, and grant them permission as needed.
  • Keep the premises safe by going on patrols.
  • Keep unauthorized individuals out and notify authorities of any questionable activity.
  • React to alerts and examine anomalies.
  • Make sure everyone follows the rules set out by the business
  • Maintain a high standard of support and service for customers.

Things needed:

• One to two years of relevant work experience in a security capacity.
• Able to keep cool under fire, excellent communicator, and keen observer.
• Physical Fitness: Capacity to remain upright and on patrol for extended durations.

To maximize your potential in this field, ensure you meet all the security guard requirements and stay informed about the best practices and standards in the industry

What makes us different?

Salaries ranging from AED 3,000 to 3,500 are competitive.
• A chance to join a well-respected Dubai-based facility management company.

A nurturing workplace that encourages professional development.

Applying Process:

Send your resume to

or give us a call at 0521732081. Or WhatsApp.: +971521732081

For those interested in higher-level positions, such as armed security roles, an armed security certification or armed security guard certification is required. When considering employment opportunities, particularly in dynamic locations like Dubai, it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with the application requirements for private security officers and the specific qualifications for airport security guard jobs. Exploring security guard jobs in Dubai can lead to various roles, including those with top 10 security companies in Dubai, hotel security guard jobs, and house watchman jobs. With the ability to apply online, pursuing a career as a security guard in Dubai offers numerous opportunities.


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