Kitchen helper vacancies

Are you looking for employment as a kitchen assistant in Canada? Take a look at our website’s many options and start your journey to a lucrative career in the culinary arts. We are looking for enthusiastic and committed people to work as Kitchen Helpers for Cavicchi’s Meats Inc. Kitchen helper vacancies: Cavicchi’s Meats, Inc.

Location: Upper Tantallon, NS
Hourly pay of $15.20 / 40 hours worked weekly
Terms of Work: Full-time, Permanent, Flexible Schedule
Start Date: 2024-05-28 at the latest
seats: 2
Job Bank #2936041

Kitchen helper vacancies
Kitchen helper jobs in Canada

Looking for kitchen helper vacancies? Explore a range of kitchen assistant jobs and find the perfect kitchen helper job to match your skills. Whether you are interested in a canteen helper job hiring or a restaurant helper job, there are numerous opportunities available.


  • Under the direction of chefs and cooks, assist in the preparation of food.
    • Keep the kitchen spotless and well-organized, washing dishes, cutlery, and appliances.
    • Assistance with ingredient and supply stocking and storage.
    • Adhere to all health and safety guidelines to provide a secure workplace.


Language spoken: English
• Education: Confirmation of secondary school graduation or an equivalent work experience.
• Experience: Prior experience is not necessary; on-the-job training will be given.

Work Setting

  • Location: Urban area in Upper Tantallon, NS.

Additional Information

  • Advertised Until: 2024-06-27
  • Work Hours: Flexible hours to accommodate various schedules.

How to Apply

By Email:

How-to-Apply Instructions

Please ensure your application includes the following:

  • Cover Letter

Discover a vacancy kitchen helper in various locations, including kitchen helper vacancies in Canada. If you are seeking a kitchen helper job in Canada, specifically, check out kitchen helper jobs in Upper Tantallon, NS, at Cavicchi’s Meats Inc. There are also kitchen helper jobs for Canadians and kitchen assistant jobs for foreigners. For Americans, there are kitchen helper jobs for Americans that cater to your expertise and availability. Start your search today and secure your role in the culinary world.


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