Bus driver job in KSA

Bus driver job in KSA: We are seeking experienced and responsible Bus Drivers to join our team in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The primary objective is to ensure the safe and timely transportation of passengers while maintaining a high standard of customer service.

bus driver job in ksa ,
driver job in jeddah with transfer iqama

Job Title: Bus driver job in KSA

Company Name: Dani Overseas Employment Promoter

Salary: 1800 Rial (SAR)

Available / Total Jobs: 2 / 2

Place of Duty: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Company Overview:

Dani Overseas Employment Promoter is a leading recruitment agency dedicated to connecting skilled professionals with outstanding career opportunities abroad. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to supporting our employees, we offer comprehensive benefits and a seamless employment process.

Location and Work Environment:

  • Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Work Environment: Dynamic and engaging, focused on safety and passenger satisfaction.


  • Safely transport passengers to their destinations
  • Adhere to traffic laws and regulations
  • Assist passengers with boarding and disembarking
  • Communicate effectively with passengers and report any incidents or issues to the supervisor


Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Valid bus driving license (Licence: 3096/RWP)
  • Minimum of [insert years] years of experience as a bus driver
  • Knowledge of traffic laws and safety regulations
  • Ability to communicate in English; knowledge of Arabic is a plus
  • Good physical condition and ability to assist passengers as needed


Skills and Competencies:

  • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Attention to detail and safety
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Reliability and punctuality


Reporting Structure:

  • Reports to: Transportation Supervisor


Benefits and Perks:

  • Free Accommodation: Yes, FREE
  • Free Food: Yes, FREE
  • Free Ticket: Yes, FREE
  • Free Medical: Yes, FREE
  • Health Insurance: Yes, FREE
  • Free Transportation: Yes, FREE


Basic Salary Range:

  • Salary: 1800 Rial (SAR)

Application Process:

Interested candidates are invited to apply by sending their resume and cover letter to the contact information provided below. Please ensure that your application includes all relevant qualifications and experience.

Contact Information:

  • Name: Aurangzaib Warraich
  • Address: Old Rasool Road, Mandi Bahauddin, Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab
  • Phone No: 0546-520222 / 0546-500445 / 0546-500122
  • Mobile No: 3007744714
  • Fax No: 0546-500679
  • Email: danioverseas@hotmail.com

Looking for a bus driver job in KSA?  The position involves specific Responsibilities, Qualifications and Requirements, and necessary Skills and Competencies. You’ll understand the Reporting Structure and enjoy numerous Benefits and Perks, including a competitive Basic Salary Range. Our Application Process is straightforward, with Contact Information readily available. Using Engaging Language, we ensure Review and Proofreading for clarity. This is an excellent opportunity for a driver job in Jeddah with transfer iqama, perfect for anyone looking to join a reputable bus service in Jeddah as a driver in Jeddah.

Important FAQs for Bus Drivers Working in Saudi Arabia

What are the qualifications required to work as a bus driver in Saudi Arabia?

To work as a bus driver in Saudi Arabia, you generally need a valid bus driving license, relevant driving experience, and a clean driving record. Some employers may also require a high school diploma and proficiency in English or Arabic.

What is the typical salary for bus drivers in Saudi Arabia?

The salary for bus drivers in Saudi Arabia can vary depending on the employer, location, and experience level. On average, bus drivers can expect to earn between 1500 to 2500 Rial (SAR) per month. Some positions may offer additional benefits such as free accommodation, food, and transportation.

What benefits are commonly provided to bus drivers in Saudi Arabia?

Many employers in Saudi Arabia offer benefits to attract and retain bus drivers. Common benefits include free accommodation, free food, free transportation, health insurance, and free medical care. Some employers may also provide free air tickets for annual vacations.

How are working hours structured for bus drivers in Saudi Arabia?

Working hours for bus drivers in Saudi Arabia typically follow a shift pattern, which can vary depending on the employer's requirements. Drivers may work early morning, daytime, evening, or overnight shifts. It's important to discuss and understand the working hours during the hiring process.

Is knowledge of the Arabic language necessary for bus drivers in Saudi Arabia?

While it is beneficial to know Arabic, especially for communicating with passengers and understanding road signs, it is not always a strict requirement. Many employers seek drivers who can speak English, particularly in areas with a high number of expatriates or in international companies.

What is the process for obtaining a bus driving license in Saudi Arabia?

To obtain a bus driving license in Saudi Arabia, you need to pass a written test and a practical driving test. You will also need to provide necessary documentation, such as your identification, proof of residence, and medical certificates. The process may vary slightly depending on your country of origin and the specific requirements of the Saudi Arabian authorities.

What kind of medical facilities are available for bus drivers in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has a well-developed healthcare system with both public and private medical facilities. Employers often provide health insurance that covers medical expenses. It's advisable to understand the scope of your health insurance coverage and the facilities available near your place of duty.

What should bus drivers know about driving conditions in Saudi Arabia?

Driving conditions in Saudi Arabia can vary from urban to desert environments. Drivers should be prepared for different weather conditions, including extreme heat. It's important to follow traffic laws, maintain the vehicle properly, and drive defensively to ensure safety on the roads.

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